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All our different levels of hair cutting and styling begin with a thorough consultation with one of our exclusive designers providing you with expert advice.

Hair Cut Women

Hair cut ~ shampoo/cut/conditioner

  • Senior $23.00 | Master $25.00

Hair cut & style ~ shampoo/cut/conditioner/style

  • Senior $32.00 | Master $35.00

Maintenance ~ bangs

  • Senor $10.00 | Master $12.00

Hair Cut Men

Hair cut ~ shampoo/cut/conditioner

  • Senior $22.00 | Master $25.00

Maintenance ~ mustache/beard

  • Senior $10.00 | Master $12.00

Hair Cut Kids (age 10 & under)

Hair cut ~ shampoo/cut/conditioner

  • Senior $16.00 | Master $18.00


Basic ~ shampoo/conditioner

  • Senior $22.00 | Master $24.00

Updo ~ shampoo/conditioner/roller

  • Senior $60.00 | Master $65.00

Deep Conditioner $12.00

Gloss $15.00


  • $125 & up ~ prior consultation required


Color process begins with an in-depth consultation with one of our color specialist. We will examine your current color and then advise you of how we can achieve your desired color to match your lifestyle. We are proud to use only organic color and products.

Single Process

  • Senior $55.00 | Master $60.00

Double Process

  • Senior $65.00 | Master $70.00

Corrective Color

  • By consultation

Color Highlight

  • Foil ~ full
    • Senior $80.00 | Master $85.00
  • Foil ~ partial
    • Senior $50.00 | Master $55.00

Cap $70.00


Technique will be determined by stylist during consultation.

Basic Perm

Consultation is required to determine the proper technique.

  • Senior $65.00 | Master $70.00

American Straightening

This process straightens curly hair for better handling and control of your hair and it makes it easier to style your hair.


  • Senior $65.00 | Master $70.00

Keratin Treatment

  • $140


Hair Removal

One of our unique services is threading. Threading is the process of facial hair removal with a piece of thread. This technique is an excellent technique for sensitive skin because it does not require any products or heat. Thread is twisted and rolled on the surface of the skin to remove unwanted hairs


  • Eyebraw $20.00
  • Facial $45.00




Nufree, A Gold Standard of Hair Removal

Nufree is a safe and botanical hair removal that has a long history of over 25 years to help plastic surgeons remove hair from a patient before surgery. Nufree has been chosen by medical professions as well as thousands of professional salons for its unique and advance properties:

  • Nufree is Not A WAX and it does not stick to your skin.
  • Nufree is an antibacterial and antimicrobial agent that is by nature clean and germ free.
  • Nufree is a safe hair removal for your entire body because of its Botanical nature.
  • Nufree does not get dry on your skin; therefore, it can easily be removed without any irritation.
  • Nufree has no animal products and is extensively tested for its effectiveness and safety.


Your nails are shaped to your satisfaction, cuticles are treated and conditioned. Then your hands and arms are massaged to condition your skin and relax you before you continue your day. We finish with your choice of polishes.

  • Manicure w/Regular Polish – $20
  • French Manicure – $30

Gel Polish (Dries instantly, and lasts 2 weeks with a glossy shine) – Extra

Polish Changes

Includes shaping of nails if needed and light moisturizing hand massage.


  • $10 w/ Polish Change | $15 w/ French

Includes shaping of nails if needed and cuticle oil treatment to rehydrate dry cuticles and toes.


  • $15 w/ Polish change | $20 w/ French Polish


Soak your tired feet in a warm whirlpool of relaxation while your nails are cut and shaped to your request. Your cuticles will be treated and conditioned before smoothing any rough areas of your feet. Then enjoy the exfoliation from your knees to the tips of your toes. You will then be indulged further with a massage of your feet, calves and shins, before the finishing touch of polishing your toes with your choice of colors.

  • Pedicure w/ Regular Polish-$30 | Pedicure w/ French – $40
    Gel Polish (dries instantly and will last for 4-6 weeks with a glossy shine)- extra

Add– On Service

  • Add a Masking Treatment (to help hold the moisture in your skin longer)- $15
  • Add a Callus Treatment- $10
  • Nail Art— Start at $3

Gel Nails

  • Full Set
    $55 Natural | $65 Clear & White
  • Overlay
    $40 Natural | $50 Clear & White
  • Fill-In
    $30 Natural | $40 Clear & White

Long Nails Add – $20 | Nail Replacements – $5 per nail

Acrylic Nails

  • Full Set
    $45 Natural | $55 Pink & White
  • Overlay
    $30 Natural | $40 Pink & White
  • Fill-In
    $25 Natural | $35 Pink & White

Nail Replacements – $5 per nail | Soak off Acrylic – $15